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A liitle about my cars over the years:-
I started life with a Ford Cortina, progressing to an MGC. I then had had the poor man's lambo which I built as a kit car a 1971 Marcos powered by a 3 litre Volvo. Then came my first Alfa Romeo a silver 1976 Alfa Spider (gorgeous but rusted at a year old)

After that came my first so called supercar a beautiful metalic silver Alfa Montreal which looked a lot more exciting than it actualy was. I kept this for little more than a year trading it in for a 1976 Ferrari 308GT4 (now that was a mistake and a very costly one. I had a party the day I sold the Ferrari)

Then came a string of safe German cars a Mercedes 450SLC a Mercedes 260E and then back to Alfa Romeo with a 156 2.5V6 which kept for 8 years (fabulous car).

The 156 eventually went as a trade in against my current car an Alfa GT 3.2 V6 which is one of the most exciting and entertaining cars I have ever had. Everytime I rev that engine the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. In black with tan leather it is quite simply BEAUTIFUL. It is a car that is very hard to fault aside from the fuel consumption which even made the Ferrari look economic and the fact that it seems to have been made without any shock abosorbers (I will always take the long route home just to avoid speed bumps)

Anyways thats me...... I am a real petrol head. I am toying with the idea of getting myself a Maserati Gransport but if I ever summon up the courage to do that I think I will always keep an Alfa as my everyday transport.
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