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hf hpe said:
Hi gays

I'm from Bulgaria
and I'm italians car fan
I have Lancia Delta HF HPE
and now I'm work on one Alfa Romeo 155Q4

you can see may jobs on
Im sure you meant Hi Guys not Gays :confused: :lol: ;)

And welcome another Q4 owner :D

Had a look at the links, an amazing amount of work has gone on there!

I will post some picies of my project Q4 for you to see now :)

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I mean guys:)

It is in Bulgaria here to be very difficult You buy a car over 120 kW
because we do not produce cars and must bring them

The import taxes of cars over 120 kW are much high

~4000 GBP for 155 Q4

this is the reason to repair this car

P.P. please excuse my poor english
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