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Bike Powered Cars : GIXXERKART! gsxr 750 kart

gsxr 750 kart
this kart started live as a 125 gearbox kart then one day i wanted something a little faster so i got the engine from a bike breakers with 8174 miles on the clock full service history so i hat to have it,you petrol heads know how it is took a while to bulid as it is now not a 125 its a 750 its still got a push start on the button got brembo breaks a alloy rad seat belt it aint a toy any more its the fastest thing ive ever driven in my life

850 pounds



that is f00kin mental!!!!!!!!!!

i bet its to quick, once you've got it moving that is, if you've got any tyres left at that point. even though i want one
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