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Hi guys and gals,

Just bought my first 159 but my 5th Alfa - so these aren't complete newby questions as stupidly I knew what I was letting myself in for and still did it anyway.... Hurray for being an Alfaholic! :)

It is a nice car, enjoyed the ride home and doesn't feel that slow even after coming out of a Focus ST into a 1.9 derv, so I am please.

There are a couple of bits I want to address.

The drivers seat, whilst not ripped or torn, the lady owner clearly slid in and out of it, meaning a bit of loss of colour on the bolsters - no suprise, its not brand new. I know you can get dye to treat this - question is anyone know where best to look and what colour codes or anything I need - its got red leather.

Second is what people do with their centre consoles - its a bit weird as it is kind of greeny / blue but the good old fashioned bunch of keys in the ignition marks are there and a few on the steering wheel, although not meany, clearly ring fingers etc, so was maybe thinking of sorting this.

What sort of ideas do people use to address this? initial thoughts are brushed aluminium vinyl wrapping or sanding / painting in a nice silver. That begs the question how do you get it out, as unusally for an Alfa it doesn't just come off in ya hand haha.

Thanks all.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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