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This is a HOW TO guide for fitting the Totally Alfa bracket that allows the modern TRW shock absorber to be adapted so that the long Phase3 anti roll bar links can still be used.
This is the kit:
Totally Alfa bracket
The bracket is designed to fit around the new shock absorber and be clamped in place, with the "ears" allowing the roll bar link to attach.
I have already fitted the new shocks, springs, and attached the BOTTOM of the anti roll bar link to the anti roll bar.
Taking the brackets, you need to check the holes, Gary supplies them with 8mm clear holes as there are 8mm roll bar links. Mine were 10mm so simply drill out the holes.
Now separate the bracket parts and place the "eared" piece against the shock. I then bolted this to the TOP of the roll bar link. This held it place easily.

Note that the bracket sits snug up to the welded lip of the shock absorber.


Now the hard part - made easy.
Totally disassemble the clamp and bend it open to wrap it into place. Then with the smaller front clamp in place...use a "G-clamp" to squeeze the whole thing into position.

This method then allows you to fit the bolt, spacer, shaped block and nut. Check it is all in place and tighten.
Now tighten the roll bar linkage ends and check everything. It should look like this..

Well done you! You'll notice the anti roll bar is virtually on the wishbone, but this is only when the hub is not under the weight of the car. Once the car rests on it all the roll bar and links are all correct and you can enjoy your car once again!
cheers Philip

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Must admit ,i wouldn't have bought another JTS last year if i didn't know that these were in the pipeline
Yes jts is a great car, I ended up putting coil overs on but it is a riddle to set them up. Once done fantastic handling, jts is such a well balanced car with lots of low end torque. Sometimes I prefer it to the 3.2...... Phase 3 jts is a very under rated car... 🍀
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