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Hi folks a couple of Alfa bits for sale.

firstly the tuning box that was on my car (car now sold) TDUK red box, boosts power and torque by 35%. Fits both 2.4 and 1.9 diesel engines. Cracking bit of kit also managed to get an extra 50 miles from a tank while it was fitted. It's also adjustable so you can have it set for even more POWWEEEEERRRRRRRRR!!! As Clarkson would say.

£150 I can bring it to a meet or post it 1st class recorded.

Secondly is a connects2 box that has an ipod / iphone connection but allows you to control it from the steering wheel / headunit controls. Also charges your iDevice at the same time.
Will fit any car where the head unit has a connection for a CD multichanger.

£40 again I can bring it to a meet or send 1st class recorded.

Ta very muchly,
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Would be 4 if it went to both. Probably not going to be a massive improvement on the box I already have to be honest, so I'll pass thanks mate.
However, for a decent box (TDUK has a good reputation), I'd say you are pricing it well there Karl :thumbs:
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