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Your Forum name

Real name
Jon Jeffryes

Old enough to know better!

Business Director

Marital Status

which cars do you drive and why?
2006 Impreza Prodrive daily driver, 1984 Porsche 944 ‘brick sized mobile a must have’ , 2005 Mini Cooper occasional madness, 1997 155 2ltr 16v Sportpack – Alfa heaven – waited 8 months for this car to come up for sale!

Are you a real passionate for Alfa Romeo?
Smitten! Had pictures on the wall of 70’s racers as a young lad – now on Alfa no. 13 (and my third 155) and still buying

What or how started your passion for Alfa Romeo and…do you think it’s fundamental to own one to have the passion?
SUD!!! love 'em...and early 70’s GTA’s racing at Brands Hatch……quote Clarkeson – you’re not a petrolhead until you’ve owned an Alfa!

Would you ever consider joining an Alfa Club or are you already a member of one?
Yes and Yes

What do you like most about Alfas?
Passion & pain in equal measure

What do you like least about Alfas?

What would be your dream cars?
155 Q4

What car would you least like to drive?
Rover 75 ….and they say Alfa’s are unreliable!!!! Ran one for 40k miles for business – showed me how good Alfa’s really are

What would be your ideal drive in an Alfa (destination, passenger, driving music, etc)? Overnight Schwarzwald with the wife; Jack Johnson in the CD – Late ferry - dash through France ~ sitting in the mountains of Bavaria with a cold beer by mid-morning

What interests do you have outside of Alfas?
Family, Flying, Classic Porsches, Photography

Tell us something nobody knows about you. (E.g. special skill, ever been on TV, etc)
As an apprentice in the early 70’s, helped rebuild the ‘Outspan’ Orange Mini’s and worked on John Dodd’s Spitfire engined ‘Rolls’

Do you have a party trick? If so what is it?
Buying too many Alfa’s

What do you like most about the Alfaowner forum? Any favourite threads, episodes or people?
Nobody cares which Alfa you have, as long as you love Alfa’s (Porsche club take note)

If you had £50,000 you had to spend in 72 hours, how would you choose to spend it?
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