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Hello all,
My name is Jason ( jas or jay) and I'm a new member. I've been the proud owner of a couple of Alfas over the years, a 1.7 33 and a 156 2.4 jtd.
I have recently emmigrated to Australia ( from the UK) and was bitterly disapointed in not being allowed to import my 156, named by my wife " Sophia" after the iconic Sophia Lorren ( A sophisticated, passionate, classy, Italian sex symbol ). I have eased my woes by treating myself to a 1973 105 GTV 2000, which is in need of a little TLC. A labour of love that I am truely enjoying every moment of.
At the present time I am attending to a few prob's on the body, that dreaded rust syndrome !!!! I am deliberating on paint colours as I like base black, yellow and of course red. The purist in me is leaning to red, but I really do like the Idea of black. The origional colour is a medium blue metalic ( not too sure of the name or paint code). What to do, what to do ???? She did have a respray about seven years ago and the new coat is identical to the origional.
I would greatly appreciate input from fellow enthusiats who may have undertaken a similar project, as I am a newcomer to the 105.
I am really looking forward to sharing my experience with fellow lovers of a great and passion inspiring marque, I look forward to hearing of your experiences. Jas:p
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