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Hi Newbie here
Looking to get back into the Alfitsi fold again.
Previous history
Alfasud series 2 1.5 Ti brought with the heart not the head. At the tender age of 18 saw this car thought it looked fantastic, it’s an Alfa what? Not heard of Alfa Romeo before!!
Then had a VW polo
Then a series 3 Alfasud 1.5 Ti. After about a year the big ends went. A friend of a friend had a sprint with apparently, an excellent engine but the body was knackered. 10 months MOT 4 months Tax. Bought unseen for £120 (was the late 80’s). Actually it turned out the body was amazing with little rust. Came with a spare Exhaust. Anyway ran this sprint for 4 months and sold it for £360!! .
Replaced the big ends on the sud with the engine still in place.
Ran for another 2 years until marriage and mother-in-laws influence (not a suitable car for a married man  ) so move on via a couple of fords.
Then the Sud came on the market again and the then wife arranged for me to own it again. This lasted a few years more (longer than the then wife), until the rot set in and it had to go.(The wife and the car)!
Another Sprint was my mode of transport
Then at this point I had 2.0 8v 155 in red with black speedline wheels and a Silverstone spoiler, bought new. Fantastic car 80,000 miles in about 3 years no problems. Just seen that someone is breaking it and selling the bits on Ebay :(
Then came a new 156 2 litre in black apparently the first black 156 in the country. Boy did this car turn heads!!!.
After 45,000 the engine gave up whilst on the motorway, (lack of oil the Alfa Garage said even though I check regularly) Well Italy shuts down for the summer so I had to wait 2 months for a new engine form Italy. So I found a fantastic 2.5 V6 155, which I should have kept instead of the 156 but never mind life goes on.

Tried then going sensible with a Citroen Xantia Turbo diesel, only managed 36 mpg whilst the 156 and the 2.5 V6 155 managed 31 mpg. Not worth the hassles of diesel IMO.

Then went the other way with a Subaru Legacy GTB twin Turbo Estate. OMG what a car huge estate (bigger than my 5 series estate) 0-60 less than 6 seconds . Ran this for 2 years then changed to a 523 Touring Good car but so boring…..

Now looking for a nice 2 litre 155. but I’m getting fussy. Must be a widebody and have Climate control (I’ve been spoilt).

I’ve missed out most of the boring cars from my history. Hopefully not too boring for you all.

Current drive has a BMW 523 Touring (97) Jan has a Mazda 323F (97) and in the Garage is a Kawasaki ZX9r (02)

Would love another Alfasud Ti, but I am going to replace the 523 with a 155.

Changed my mind and bought another black 156 - Love it

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Welcome to AO, good luck looking for a 155 :)
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