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I've broke it!!

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I've broke it!! no brakes

Driving home from town this afternoon and the pedal goes to the floor!!

Master cylinder is empty!!!

Checked all the lines and one of the rears is weeping so took it off cleaned and refitted!!!

Filled the mc with fluid tried to bleed it thru and had no pedal at all!!!

Got a bit of air out of the nipples but still no pedal feel!

Have pumped 2 litres of fluid thru and still no pedal, spoke to a mechanic friend who said to open the unions at ABS pump and master cylinder and try and get any air from there.

Have got some out of the unions and now have a firm pedal when the engine is off and a better pedal when running but there is still alot of travel.

Want to bleed the mc properly but how do you get to slacken off the rearmost banjo bolt?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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