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Apart from Alfa's (my 166 in particular) I also love Italo Disco (Italian dance music from the 1980s) and I thought this might be of interest to some other petrol heads out there. It's a bar d.j night at Sixty Million Postcards, a great venue in the middle of Bournemouth - cheap food, great atmophere and a nice sound system! Put it this way, it's an opportunity to wear you Alfa Romeo track top and look cool

60 Million Postcards

Check out the press release and join us on Facebook !

TEARSB4BEDTIME: Bournemouth’s first Italo-disco night!

‘There’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure’ says Bev Fenner, D.J and promoter of TEARSB4BEDTIME, Bournemouth’s first Italo Disco night, which takes place later this month at everyone’s favourite Alternative venue: Sixty Million Postcards, on Exeter Road in Bournemouth

But what is Italo Disco you may well ask? Chances are if you’re familiar with the music of the 1980s you’ll already know quite a few: Baltomora’s ‘Tarzan Boy’, Laura Branigan’s ‘Self Control’, New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ and of course Alphaville’s ‘Big In Japan’, which has already leant its name to one of Bournemouth’s hippest club nights.

The influence of Italo-Disco is everywhere in 2010 with artist like La Roux, Ladyhawke, Heartbreak and Little Boots citing Italo as an influence. And, indeed, until now Italo Disco has been more prominent in London and Brighton with clubs nights like Coca Disco. But that still doesn’t explain what Italo Disco is.

‘Basically Italo Disco was a form of dance music produced in Italy in the 1980s for export to Germany and America. At a time when disco died, Italian record producers embraced the technology that would influence the explosion of house music later in the decade. For instance there’s a real Balearic feel to the later stuff’.

That’s all well and good for hipsters and music geeks, but still doesn’t explain what the music sounds like. Well the real joy of listening to Italo for the first time is that all the records sound so familiar; in part that’s because the synthesizers used are common to some of your favourite hits from the Eighties (think Radio Ga Ga and Don’t You Want Me) but also because the tunes are so damned infectious.

However, perhaps the best thing about Italo Disco is the lyrics: although the songs are always sung in English, heavy accents and awkward translations give the genre a peculiar charm: think Abba meets the Pet Shop Boys and won’t be far off the mark.

But why Bournemouth and why now? ‘Well’ says Bev ‘Bournemouth’s always had a big club scene but it tends to loose out on cutting edge trends to Brighton. Italo is a big influence on the sound of lots of current music but it’s also key to the music people love from the past. MP3s and the iPod have changed things a greats deal and people are less preoccupied with what’s supposed to be cool and what’s not’.

So what can people expect if they come along on the 25th March? ‘Well firstly, Sixty Million’s a great venue with a super atmosphere. Expect to hear a mixture of synth pop from the Eighties with some current favourite interspersed with the sounds of country that gave us Alfa Romeos, Fendi handbags and Mussolini!’

TEARSB4BEDTIME begins at 8pm on Thursday 25 March 2010 at Sixty Million Postcards, 19-21 Exeter Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5AF, 01202 292697

Email: [email protected]
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