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I've had a few issues that I've been living with on the 147 GTA for a good few months and a month ago the time came when enough was enough. I booked the car into CM Garages East Kilbride to see Chick for some expert opinion and a fine eye detailed assessment. So here's what I went in for and what I expected:

1. Rattle on start-up linked to revs and quietening down when warm (I suspected the GTA time bomb of carbon canister)
2. Squeak sounding like an aux belt or pulley (potential for power steering pump or incorrect tension)
3. Suspension knocking at the rear. (Something on the top of the rear suspension)
4. Suspension knocking, squeaking etc on the front. (Bottom Arms)
5. Oil Leak (Rear bank cam cover gasket)

What actually came to be and what may be worth nothing for us 3.2 Busso owners.

1. Rattle on start-up was not the carbon canister it was a stuck hydraulic tappet!! (Sound was from same area of the engine bay), fair enough about £18.50 replace from new, but with labour costs :cry: it got worse......

What effect this had when it stuck was to wear my camshaft lobe down which in my case and potentially is a warning had no discernible effect on performance!! Would have been really bad if it was left to wear further.

Result – replace front bank exhaust camshaft & tappet. On to the squeaking.

2. Aux belt – Pud aka Autolusso North had tried to diagnose this and replaced the aux pulley's and belt but no avail (right thing to do first) eventually we decided it was down to the PSP or the water pump. However I'd had the water pump done with the last cam belt 17k or 2 years ago so by process of elimination, PSP. I would leave this to another repair to save on labour.

However when Chick examined it, the water pump was stiff and was causing this noise….:curse: new water pump time - lesson - it isn’t always an aux belt and water pumps can fail quickly. They have a 12month warranty in case you need to know.

Result – New water pump needed and may as well do the cambelt as the other repairs would also result in this happening anyway and it would resolve the rocker gasket leak as well.

3. Just a rear exhaust rubber - a bit of light relief :happy:

4. Turned out to be worn top arm Powerflex bushes :shocked: ARB drop links and Strongflex ARB bushes….Worn I thought they were polyurethane and lifetime guarantee, I hear you say! Well apparently our GTAs can wear them and very quickly…in my case less than 15k and 21months. Before you ask they were fitted by a professional and I’ve had the car GPS 4wheel tracked regularly and I don’t drive like a loon or aim for potholes. After a little negotiation Powerflex agreed to replace these on warranty (including the labour) but stated this was not the norm.

5. Cam/Rocker gasket this is the 3rd in 3 years of these and may be a weak point of our now aging cars. Pud replaced this in July 2015 but it has failed so very kindly supplied a new one under warranty, but just another thing for us to keep eyes for.

Thank you’s

Pud (Autolusso North) sorted me right out for the gaskets under warranty with no fuss and got them to CM garages quick so thumbs up!! In addition he sent me a replacement camshaft for free, as compensation for the inconvenience of the gasket failure; this is very much appreciated and deserves to be thanked, especially considering where his business was 2 months ago with the floods! :thumbup:

CM Garages – Incredible eye and ear for detail, correctly diagnosing all the above and securing warranty from powerflex. Putting my 147 GTA back together with a distinct lack of banging from suspension :smile: as well as inside and out valeting as part of the service. Also for diligently repairing my radio front which was a mess and now isn’t

Long winded post but hopefully may help our GTA community somehow and credit where it’s due to CM & Autolusso
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