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There goes the engine of my beloved Alfa......

Last friday I noticed a rattle coming from the top of the engine.
A dieselish sound, first not at start/up only at revs +2000.

After searching the forum about the related topic, my first thought was not to be alarmed.

Changed the oil for 10/40 and replaced the oilfilter.
When taking it for a test drive, I noticed the sound getting worse.
Just when I heard a second noise.......the engine fails.
So I had to leave my her behind. :( .

Tonight I will pick her up and bring her home.....and then the fun starts.

Will it be possible to save the engine, I hope so.
If not, I have to find an other engine, because I will not part from my pride and joy.

Here is the question,

It´s a 2.0 TS 8v from 94.

Which engine will fit, only the same one or also other engines like V6 ?
An engine from a wide body ?

Maybe someone have an working engine to spare ?

Well this is the first time the forum-history couldn't help me, so now I am begging for your help.

Greatings from an proud newby member from Holland

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it sounds like the chain has snapped or the tensioner has failed. You may get away with just getting another head. Bad news though :(

bothe the 1.8 and 2.0 litre 8v engines will fit. The 1.8 would need the ECU (or chip from the ECU) though.

I imagine you could get the 16v to fit, but again you'd need the ECU to go with it.

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Removed the camcover and discover no irregularities, camchain intact.
Now for the scary bit: the engine is jammed !!

Thinking the worst................ :rant:

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ah! thats where i left that spanner! sorry mate bad news . its not a broken plug is it? are u sure its seized?

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Now I'm gonna remove the head, to see what the damage is.
Hopefully it is only a broken valve and the damage on the head is minimal (fingers crossed !!).
Or else: replacement of the head.

Keep you posted.....

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Are the camshaft sprocket bolts tight? Perhaps one of the small bolts between the camshaft and the drive sprocket has become broken and the timing on one cam is knackered and bent valves. Don't forget the primary timing chain located lower down. If it breaks, same thing- only a little more work.
Just one other thing, just take out the starter motor if it sounded like a meshing of the ring gear. I've seen starter motors jam engines before. I doubt it is that, but its less work than taking off the head. :p

Fingers crossed :(

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A knocking noise like a diesel engine, normally means that the hydrolic tappets are knacked? This is a signal that bottom end of the engine has lost oil presure at some point and this will or might have caused the engine to sieze if oil presure is very low at top end.

It is a total bottom end rebuild I think. silly goof - you should have checked the oil and not ignored the red light in Alfa control centre console.

Why don't you just find another 8v engine from the breakers - these are good engines anyway - and are plenty fast enough - and cheap like the budgies.

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Dearly beloved, we are gathered to say farewell to our beloved engine

Yes, I opened it up, top and bottom and found the cause:
One of the crankshaft bearingshell is finished !!

Chandlers, you got it spot on!! The oil-light was not on, but I found the level way too low when changing the oil for 10/40.

I think I have to find another engine.

Goodbye engine, hello shoes !! :(
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