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2012 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Multiair.

I'm getting a CEL at low speeds, but if I put my foot down and boost starts to build, the CEL goes away and the car accelerates, albeit slower than before. It also randomly dumps boost while I'm accelerating, making quick tss tss tss tss tss noises. After 4k rpm it goes quiet.

Als, I'll be accelerating hard, and after 4k rpm the boost will dump and it feels like I hit a brick wall. This happens randomly. It happens in the blink of an eye and boost builds again as per normal, but my CEL goes on. I scanned the car and it gives me three errors.

P0033 - P0236 - P0244. It seems these all relate to the boost solenoid/N75/.

I checked the vacuum pipes, they have no leaks. I'm going to clean the electrical contact points tomorrow and see what it does.

If it is the N75, do I need to get an OEM part or can I just get any solenoid with the correct connector?
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