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Hi,One and all.:)

Is Luddite a troll
or am I being droll?
For I visit A./O.`s forum
to bye pass lifes humdrum
coffee and biscuits to hand
thinking lifes grand
and yet I read words of debate
turning to words I dislike/hate.
Words that turn from fasts
too personal attacks
which in my mind
can be most unkind
words such as ignorance and scum
what has debating become?

I at my age,65 years
have developed fears
not of my life`s fate
but that of entering a debate
and be judged as ignorant or scum.

Guess what I am trying too say
is that let the poster have their say
and should their words hit a cord/discord
then retort with a little thought
for words can be both gentle and unkind.

John the Luddite.:eek:


I trust that you are all in the very best of health.
John :thumbs:

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John, when you're not here you are missed :(

When you return you are very welcome :thumbs:

Your words strike a chord and should be heeded by all :)

And then we could all be happy on here, not just the few!! :)
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