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is it possible for the ECU to adapt to an exhaust air leak?

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I'm trying to nail an air leak. I'm convinced of it. But not sure where it is. Intake or exhaust...

ECU has been able to adapt by at least changing TRA parameter to the lowest limit. p1172 pops, then engine runs almost perfect. Idle jumps once in a while, could be pullling better, but goes well on emissions. Lambda is OK! MAF too.

Have reset TRA parameter, ECU still adapting, so I'm getting always Lean condition on bottom limit.

I'm thinking that if I have an exhaust leak lambda sensor will always get too much oxygen, so it would be impossible to get nice lambda graphs like I'm used to get. Intake air leak, then. Am I right?

But, anyway, is it possible for the ECU to adapt to an exhaust air leak?

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P1172 is the throttle potentiometer ...

And don't always believe the lambda is ok. If it's not a Bosch is could be the wrong impedence .. Bosch is 8 ohm, NTK I think is only 4. I had the latter fr a couple of years and gave nothing but issues at emissions tests and it was always running too lean. I put a Bosch in (universal LS615) and it's been great since. Last mot in June reading was zero on CO emissions on fast idle!
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