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Did it ... took the plunge, bought an Alfa.
Now comes the fun part.
My olde Rover75 had a CD-changer and a cassette player as well, so to listen to my iPod, I just dropped in one of those el cheapo fake cassettes with the cord and attached the cord to my iPod. Worked well enough for me.

Now the new old 147 only has the built-in CD-player (no changer) and deffo no cassette slot anymore.
How can I listen to my iPod music now? Tried a FM transmitter once, but had to fiddle with the tuning every few minutes, because there aren't any free FM frequencies anymore.

Any ideas apart from buying a new stereo ... wherever? In the ROI that would be Halfrauds, then. If it has to be a new stereo, which one works with the built-in dashboard display?

Thanks in advance,

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