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Today I thought I would change over the central console from a 'carbon effect' to a plain grey. No worries. Took it all out out, piece by piece. Put it all back.

Everything was all well and good.
As I was about to turn on the ignition my daughter pressed the lighter inwards.
When I turned on the ignition a smelt a little burn (faint) and then no instrument/warning lights at all. Tested other electrics... sunroof ok, sidelights, main beam, brake lights, interior lights alarm etc. Everything seemed fine apart from.....
No sidelights, no rear lights or rear fog lights, and no instrument panel lights including the warning ones.

Help, Help, Help. I have looked at the fuses but have no idea at all. Why just these items. Car starts fine.

Anyone any suggestions please:cry: :cry: :cry: .
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