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I'm new to the forum. I have recently bought a new 159 1.9 having had previously a 156 2.0

Enjoying the new car, although still 'getting over' letting the old car go. the 156 did 135k and really didn't give me any problems to speak of.

If the 159 does as well i will be pleased. It does feel perhaps a little clunky compared to the 156 but it may be a case of getting used to a new car. The 159 certainly feels more stable round corners, and i think cruises more comfortably.

And of course, the look of the 159 turns heads - which doesn't happen often with most cars these days.

One issue I have is that my dealer Simonstone in Bristol don't deliver great customer service. And now that they have given up the franchise one wonders what the after care will be like. anyone know of an alternative in Bristol area?
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