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Howdy all...I'm in New Zealand (GREAT roads for Alfa's),I have two 33's (one for parts!),a neighbour has another 33,and the local camp ground owner has an alfa 2 seater and a couple of those 6 cylinder puppies,(you can see i"m not quite down with all the models yet!)...considering theres only 200 people here living next to the Abel Tasman National Park,i reckon we might have the most Alfa's per capita in the world!?....I've only been driving 33's for a year but,(as you all probably realise!),once driven its hard to go back to anything else...I'm hoping that by joining up with this site i can easily access a wealth of knowlege and alfa lovers to help me through the world of alfa mechanics and helpful hints.
Keep up the good work!

sweet runner
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