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I love Alfa Romeo cars! The first one we had was in 1982 and it was a beautiful ivory Alfasud. I think it was called a 157 but my husband swears otherwise. Anyway, I remember the excitement of delivery day. My husband went to collect the car and then collect me from work and I was delighted with the thoughtfulness of the (Salisbury) dealership in putting a beautiful bouquet on the back seat. Nice touch.
It was a pleasure to drive and I was desperately sorry when husband decided to trade it in in 1984 for a Fiat! Ugh. However, the deal was too good to miss, he said. I said, "One day, I will have an Alfa of my very own."
Well it took me over 20 years, but I did finally buy my own Alfa Romeo 147 Lusso nearly four years ago and I absolutely love it. As any Alfa driver knows, the throaty engine noise is unique to Alfa, and even though it's only a baby in the range, it still has the distinctive Italian designing and comfort, and there's no mistaking it's an Alfa in terms of performance. Fuel economy is good too. My rear washer has stopped spraying water, but I can live with that for now - from what I've seen on the web, this is not unusual.

My only regret is that parts and servicing at Alfa dealerships seem, to me, to be expensive, and until very recently my nearest dealership was Newcastle. Good to know that one has opened near to me in Stockton/Thornaby area - much closer to home.
I can't afford to change the car this year, but am terribly tempted to have a test drive in the new Mito - will try to refrain until next year! Having said that, I fell in love with the Brera when the campaign was launched on the internet, and it was a very close thing as to whether I rushed out and did a trade up! I saw a real Brera the other day - black, newly washed by the look of it, and oh! was I tempted.
Common sense has prevailed so far, though, and as long as the 147 is not giving me any trouble, I will keep it.

That's it from me............Bye for now.
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