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I have 3 x2litre red 155's (is there another colour?). One road worthy that I have owned for 10 years and 2 donor cars from ebay. I was going to buy a new(ish) Brera but heard that they are heavy and underpowered, hence the new 'S' lighter version.
Looking around, I decided that I like the car I have so I am having it totally brought up to scratch. Well, no scratches, hopefully!
It has never let me down (I shouldn't have said that) and, believe or not, all the electrics work. The engine is as sweet as a nut and sounds great. I will post a piccy when it's done.
Oh yes, and me. I am 61, live in a small village in West Sussex, England with my wife and 17 year old son. He is learning to drive too quickly (both meanings apply). I drive my 155 to work every day and, as you all know, they do love to be driven.
That's me and mine.
Regards to all,
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