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Postino Stefano

Real name:

21 again, (at heart), in reality, nearly 40.
You'd think that'd make insurance affordable, but in my experience this is a falacy.


Place of Birth:
Surrey, UK

Sheffield, S'Yorks, UK (I grew up in Manchester, but Sheffield is and has been home longer)

Marital status/Children:
Married and one, a two year old boy.

What do you currently drive and why?
I currently drive a '01 Peugeot 106 1.1 Zest.
Ok, when you've quite finished laughing!!!
It's been a brilliant car. It's small, light, relatively quick, nimble and it just loves going round corners, it's like it's on rails! (can't wait to get back into a car that really does have some road holding).
It's also fairly ecconomical, relatively cheap to insure, low tax, and costs me little in maintenance. Though she's starting to show her age and looking a little tired, she also has a few irritating dents from the morons that we all share the roads with.
I paid £500 for this car nearly four years ago now, and it definitely owes me little if anything. It's a second car, so really only for me to get to work when the weather is bad, or to take my little one out to the park or his play groups and if necessary do a little shopping now and again.
The wife has a '08 Citoen Berlingo Multispace 1.6 Desire. Practicality!!!
The thing is spaciouse, has headroom like you wouldn't believe, and stowage spaces everywhere, (seriously, check out Clarksons review, he actually liked it). It's basic, but comfy. We were surprised when we test drove it and parked up next to the 106... Same length and wheelbase!!!

Tell us about your car history?
A reg Austin Metro 1.0 city - First car, vary attached, learned a whole lot. Luckily it was a mid weeker, that is to say it's wasn't one of BL's Monday morning or Friday afternoon cars!!! Took it up to an indicated ton, downhill, with a tailwind on an empty motorway. Needed to get the bonnet up and reset the timing afterwards as the dizzi moved!!!
X reg Mitsubishi Colt (1.2) - Had to take a few years break due to low funding while at Uni. Paid £270 for this car, and part ex'd it just over a year later for £350!!! It looked and sounded fine, but it was sold to me as compatible with unleaded, so I ran iot on unleaded. It no longer held any compression due to valve damage, top speed 40-50 on the motorway, and hated hills!
F reg Peugeot 309 Look (1.3) - With the ejector-seat sunroof. Loved this car despite it's failings. Slowest car I've owned, by far, quick mind. Oh boy this car hated corners, skinny tyres. Didn't really fit me, as I'm over 6ft, the head restraint came, at full stretch, to just between my shoulder blades!
G reg BMW 318i (M40 engined E30 if that means anything to anyone) - Owned this car the longest, loved the most, spent the greatest amount on, best performance and physical fit, we went through a lot together. Cried real tears when I had to let it go...
P reg Daewoo Nexia (1.5) - A 1980's Vauxhall Astra in disguise, AC didn't work, damn! Had to make induction, exhaust and cosmetic mods to make it bearable.

Other cars I've also driven, Ford Fiesta (mk i, ii, iv and v), mk ii Mondingo, Transit mk iii, VW Jetta mk i, Golf mk iv 1.8T GTi and 2.0, Lt35, Peugeot 306 and 406, Partner, Mitsubishi Colt 1.6 GLXi, Toyota Carina 1.8, Honda Accord 2.0, Land Rover Defender 110, late model Astra 1.7TD, Nissan Almera Tino... er, probably some others too.

What was your first Alfa?
Yet to own an Alfa, infact not yet even driven one. But I'm thinking quite seriously about a 147.

What do you like most about Alfas?

Looks, and reputation for spirited performance.

What do you like least about Alfas?

Reputation for breaking down and rusting. Anxiety about cost of ownership.

What would be your dream cars?

Realistic or true fantasy? I'd have another E30 in a heart beat. Ideally the 318is with the M42 engine! Infact, I'd have three, the 318is (white 2dr), an E30 cabriolet, and a tourer (estate). An early M5 would be real nice. 635csl, Oh god yes! The much maligned 840. Modern bimmers are like Ford Escorts, 10 a penny, everybody's got one and they're over rated, but, the Z4's good and the modern 6 is a very good tribute to the original. Current Fiest ST. Nissan Z. Some of the Merc coupe's are great.
Brera! ('bout time) What's the new one that was on Top Gear t'other week?
What about something completely left field, Renault Twizzy?!
Oh this is too hard, ask me about bikes instead!!!

What car would you least like to have?
Really can only say I have an aversion to some brands, maybe irrationally?
Nissan, Renault, Vauxhall. Not a big fan of Ford, but they do make some good cars.
Could never forgive myself if I drove a Hybrid, Prius or it's ilk, (an extrended range electric maybe). Think the TV advert says it all, "No world can truly claim to be advanced until automotive tech changes ~ so here's more of the same, I mean you'll buy it anyway!"

What would be your ideal drive in an Alfa,
Transfăgărășan, Stelvio, Turini, how do you choose... Probably Transfăgărășan, but I guess the Alfa would want to do Stevio?!

What interests do you have outside of Alfas?
Good food and drink!
Science and Technology!
I remember my dad had a Honda CB1100. At 16/17 my mum said if I had the money for a bike I'd best have the money for a house, and that was that... The opportunity finally came up towards the end of 2008 so I took it. I now have a '09 Yamaha YBR125, (the same as I learned on, my first bike, as that got wrecked), a 1983 Honda CB400Nc SuperDream, (currently 3yrs SORN'd as I simply don't have the time to get her back on the road), and a Suzuki GSX600F/Katana. If it was possible to ride year round in this country I would. And if practicality allowed, I'd probably get rid of the car.
Don't know about you but driving in this country has gone from a real pleasure to an expensive and essential chore. Roads increasingly crowded with ignorant, arrogant, careless and wreckless morons, deteriorating road surfaces, prohibitive and rising expense, increasingly restrictive and automated policing.

I'd really love to get back a little bit of the joy that driving once held.

So why have you joined AO?

I want to pick existing owners brains over my next car. Likely a 147. Probably a Lusso, likely a 5dr, (practicality over preference), either a 1.6TS or a 1.9 JTD

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Welcome to AO, good luck with the search & hopefully you'll soon be an Alfa owner :thumbs:

If you want any advice, info or help check out the Tech Lounge Alfa 147, 156 & GT - Alfa Romeo Forum

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