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I have set up a free Fantasy Formula One league at Dreamracers. But, even though it's called Evo, I've decided to invite the members of other car forums I am registered with. So, it will be Evo Vs MG Vs MX5 Vs TT Vs Seat Vs Maxxed-IE Vs EOB Vs Motorweb Vs Max Power Vs Alfa Vs SAAB members so the glory of your forum may depend on you. Thought it might be a nice twist

The rules at are at
To join, go to

Create an account, then return to and you will see the option:

If someone has invited you to a Private League
and sent you a passcode, Click Here

Click on the link and enter muppetsrule
as the passcode.

Pick your team and away we go.

Also, it is possible to enter the Evo league & the main one, make sure you enter both as you can win money with the other one. You can also have different team choices in each one.

If you are a bit confused who is driving for who this year and how they might do, visit or

Good luck,

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