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please forgive me, I posted on the relevant insurance sub-forum, but it looks terribly empty.......... I have copied my post here, where the knowledge and the crowds are great, and it feels more "like home"....please accept my apologies for this.....thank you!

Do leather seats and sunroof consist MODIFICATIONS?


Hello there!

Its time for renewal, and I would like someone to clarify this:
when I got insurance last year on my car, I was told that I had to declare the leather heated seats and sunroof as modifications (interior and exterior). The reasoning was that although not aftermarket, they were items of optional equipment.

However, having a discussion with a friend and after trying to find a definition of what consists a modification, I read on the internet that it includes everything fitted on a car after being manufactured.

So, since my leather seats and sunroof were optional but factory fitted, they should NOT be considered as modifications, and I should not mention them. Do you agree with this? or am I wrong?

If, say, I dont declare them and later make a claim, would they invalid my insurance based on this?

Many many thanks!
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