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Went to insure the old Merc last night.
We have 4 cars, 2 with A/F, one with Autonet and last night got prices for the Merc. Cheapest was £198.00 with Chaucer direct, A/F wanted £260.00 and Direct line wanted £708.00!!!!!!!!!!!
No wonder their ad says "we're not on comparison sites", I can now see why!!
Signing up with Chaucer tonight.
I did ask A/F why they want more for a 1.8 merc worth about a grand than they charge me for the GTV V6, but the answer was hazy to say the least. I'm totally lost on this insurance game and the premium lottery.
Could it be that Merc drivers are classed as ar******s?

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Same with my 156.

46yr old
never had so much as a parking ticket in 20 yrs

My cheapest quotes were fine - but some were potty.
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