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I'm in the fortunate position of having the chance to be the motoring writer for the newspaper I work for. Nothing 100% yet but I do have a few cars coming in from manufacturers press fleets over the next few weeks.

I've noticed that the insurance provided by the manufacturers only covers 3rd party. Apparently I'm responsible for any damage to the vehicle that can't be claimed from a third party. This is a bit worrying as the first vehicle I have is an £80,000 Range Rover.

I have phoned my own insurance company to explain the situation (Axa) and they have now added business use to my policy. The type of business is "part-time journalist" (which is correct as my full time job at the paper is in I.T.)

Our company secretary has added me to our company insurance (I think this is liability/indemnity insurance??)

I feel I'm missing something here and don't want to be caught out. I'm looking to have a car delivered almost every week of the year.

What would you advise please? - I don't know any other motoring journalists to ask!
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