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I want to share with you my little project I did in one day....

I had green background illumination on my 2001 AR 166 and i was not sattisfied with it
So here is what I did

1. Unscrew 2 allen srews holding the cluster, pull it out and disconect three connectors behind it
My cluster is from model 2001(up to 2000 it is a bit different font and darker silver and the cluster itself is slightly different in electronics but allmost the same procedure)
2. Unscrew 4 philips screws holding the front fascia to the back of the cluster
3. Dissasemble the rest of the cluster
4. Unsolder 4 motors from the main PCB (older version is not soldered so it makes it easier)
5. Remove the pointers from shafts of the motors (it's a bit tricky, i pulled the shafts together with the pointers ?)
5. MARK the position of each of the motors where they are facing in the housing
6. Remove the rest pegs and little black rings around the base of each of the dials
7. Remove dials
8. Use sand paper nr. 2000 or a bit harder and sand off the green filter on the back side of the dials (approx. 1cm around the edge of the dials)
(If you want to change the color of the display you will have to unsolder it completely and remove the green filter between LCD and his frame (hint: put some milky see-thru foil insted of it's place, also the older version has a flat cable and it is easier to change the filter)
9. If sattisfied you can refit it to its mounting point and return the pegs
10. If you removed the pointers with the shafts like I did then it's a good time to remove them from shafts and re-insert shafts to the motors
11. Assemble the complete instrument cluster except the front black fascia and plug it to the car so the motors re-set them self. (Turn ignition ON and wait for 5seconds) Gently put the pointers to their position and again turn ignition oON and start the car to check if the RPM is correct (use of OBD diag will be very helpful) but there is a little chance of doing it wrong ( my speedo is now incorrect for 3km/h)
12. If everything is in order you can assemble the front fascia, put new light bulbs in any color you desire (i used white LED's) and place the cluster back in the car

Hope it was useful, it took me 3 hours to do it
My next project is changing the illumination of keys around the ICS and the climate control


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