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Been hearing some odd noises when on the motorways of England since i had my clutch done.

It was louder the faster I went

Thought at first it something to do with the clutch but wasn't convinced. Then thought it was the under tray being loose. Checked that all good.

Was becoming convinced it was stepping on the tyres after reading a thread on here

Today at Taunton Deane services I checked my tyre pressures and all goods but then saw this (sorry about the shadow it's very sunny!).

Looks like the plastic strip that is part of the inner bumper that the liner screws to has snapped off. It's still attached to the liner. Seems that the air pushes the liner towards the wheel. I'm guessing it goes further back the faster I go ie greater air pressure.

Anyone's had similar??

Think I may pop to the garage and see what they say!



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