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Here goes:-
For LHS shaft.
Car jacked up.
Remove wheel and arch liner.
Disconnect brake pad sensor.
Release ABS sensor.
Slacken bolts at diff.
Slacken bolts on upright to shock absorber, remove upper bolt. Note position as the camber may be affected.
Slacken nut at wheel hub.
Withdraw shaft.
Remove flexible retainer ring.
Remove boot fastening clamps.
Withdraw CV joint from axle.
Separate boot from CV joint.
120 grams of grease used.
Reassemble. Torque 40 - 52 Nm for shaft to diff. bolts. upright 66 - 74 Nm. Hub nut 67 - 74 Nm plus 62 degrees +/- 2 deg. New caulked nut needed and note that it has to be caulked so that the nut cannot undo, acts as a sort of ratchet.
RHS similar but you have the intermediate shaft to deal with.
Also note this is for GTV but I'm sure it cannot be much different!!

P.S. I think that the boot is common to a lot of Fiat and Lancia cars too.

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If just the inner, you might be able to drift it off the shaft on the car ... might!

Remove the six hex bolts to the gearbox drive.
Remove the circlip that is located on teh end of the drive shaft. Carefully drift the old CV joint off.
Remove the old boot.

Replace boot
Fit NEW CV joint and refit circlip.
Fill with grease, etc
Replace 6 hex bolts and nuts with new items (dealer parts) and torque up.

Saves touching the hub nut.

An alternative it to take the driveshaft and strut assembly off in one but this means you have to split both the lower arms balljoint and steering joint which could damage the boots, etc.
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