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injector light out

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hi all ,my 2ltr16v twin has started a bad habit at the age of 15! you have to crank her over many times before she splutters into life then sits at 1500 to2000rpm all the time on idle .The engine runs fine and drives perfect but has the high idle speed,after about 20mins driving the injector light comes on and the idle speed drops down to 900 to 1000.If you turn it off then start the engine again the process starts again.ive cleaned the maf ,idle speed actuator,cleaned and greased all connections and had a new lambda fitted any idea what parts i should spend my pennies on ?
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Thanks for the tips i will check it out. Just bagged a155 today from a local alfa trader he was sending it off to the crusher its organs can keep my car alive for a few years
Hi im in tunbridge wells did the checks and swapped the coolant and maf sensor over but the problems getting worse last try with the idle valve before its off to be plugged in. A plug for an italian car and bike gshow i went to today at honnington farm southborough t wells a good spread of alfas+ lots of other italian exotica there's also also a country show there to keep the family from being cared out very chilled out worth checking out next september
thats the one! come next year and bump the red 155 tally to 3 :)
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