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I have a 97 Alfa Romeo GTV which I love and love to drive. But recently due to outside problem I have not been able to drive it for around 4 months. This has caused the battery to go dead, to solve this I bought a battery charger and maintainer (Black and Decker BDV090) which I plugged in to charge the battery.
The battery is now charged. But the car doesn't start.
The injector light never comes on (doesn't turn on when ignition is turned on, doesn't come on when attempting emergency start...)
My problem is that the Alfa Romeo Code light also stays on. I believe that the injector light is a larger problem and so will atempt to solve it first. Nonetheless I have allready tried:
- Disconnected the battery for over 2 hours (meant to reset everything).
- Tried to start the car with both the Normal and Master keys.
- Tried starting the car with one key while wiggling the other close to the CODE aerial.
- Disconnected the battery and disconnected code box (yellow with greenish lable) and sprayed contact cleaner on both the male and female parts of the plug.
- Dissassembled the steering wheel plastics to check the CODE aerial and sprayed contact cleaner on it.

I also tried to do the emergency start up procedure with the throttle and the numbers. But the injector light never flashes.

At first I thought the problem was due to the Alfa CODE but now I believe it is something more important (ECU). The car refuses to start. What things can I do to first identify the problem and second solve it? First get the injector light and its associated system to work and then tackle the CODE.

Thank you very much in advance,
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