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Injector Light comes on still after changing MAF

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Hi Alfisti, spent this afternoon changing MAF and induction hoses after Injector light would normally come on after a min or two of the car running and stay on. After changing MAF and induction assembly the light is still coming on!:confused: It actually seems worse.:mad:

Had already cleaned throttle body so i believe i have eliminated that. Any ideas as im stumped:(

ringrazio i miei amici:)

PS: Forgot to say its my Daily Driver, P1 150bhp Alloy Top Spider.
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The only way to be really sure is to get it connected up to your laptop with FiatEcuScan and see what codes its kicking out - you would also then have the option to erase previously stored codes and start 'fresh'.

Doing a throttle reset would also be a very good idea IMO. Procedure detailed on here if you search.

Good luck.
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