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I have recently replaced the water temp sensor, this morning however the injection light came on and off. The car was stood for a while and the water temp rose so the fan came on. Reading on some other threads the light may have come on due to the water temperature outside the range of the temp sensor. Is this something to worry about or could it be the start of more bills?

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My injector light comes on accossionally for a few seconds for no particular reason. I think it's normal and is mentioned in the manual. There may be some more useful comments from the technical dudes, but I tend to just ignore it. has happened about 3 times in the last 6 months.

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The injector light doesn't mean that the injectors are necessarily faulty.

Alfa Diagnostics (CODE system)

Turn the key to Marcia (ignition lights etc)
Fully depress (to the floor) the accelerator five times within five seconds and fully release.

The code should come up more or less straight away.

The injector light will flash up a code to indicate the fault…

4-4-4-4 - no errors
1-2-1-1 - battery voltage
1-2-1-4 - engine temperatue sensor
1-2-1-6 - throttle valve sensor
1-2-2-1 - air flow meter
1-2-2-2 - idle actuator (opening)
1-2-2-3 - regulation of lambda probe
1-2-2-4 - heated lambda probe
1-2-2-5 - air temperature sensor
1-2-2-6 - electroinjectors (group 1)
1-2-3-1 - power ciruit (inside control unit)
1-2-3-2 - electroinjectors (group 2)
1-2-3-3 - idle actuator (closure)
1-2-3-5 - compressor inlets
1-2-3-6 - compressor command
1-2-4-3 - fuel pump relay
1-2-4-4 - vapour recovery solenoid valve
1-2-4-5 - timing variator relay (1.8 and 2.0 TS only)
1-2-5-1 - control unit EPROM
1-2-5-4 - throttle valve sensor (signal

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A question to Andy:

Do you probably have the error codes for the 2.5 TD injection? The codes somehow differ from the fuel injected ones. I get some long flashes and than 16 short ones, don't know, how to sort that out...

Its the VM07B engine.


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