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Hope someone can help me with this problem I'm having with my 1996 V6 :( :

Further to the problem I was having with the injector light coming on periodically (like Wrinx), and uneven running at high revs, the situation has just got worse in that the light stays on most of the time when the engine's warmed up. This has resulted from the following series events:

1/Fitted a new temp sensor - no real difference, but light coming on more often

2/Suspected the Lamdba, so took it to the local catalyst specialist, who thought that there may be an air leak causing the fault code 1-2-2-4 (heated Lambda Probe)

3/Brought car home, and listened around the engine bay with my home made stethascope, and found there was a hissing noise coming from the hoses around the oil separator /idle solenoid valve area.

4/Stripped off all the pcv breather hoses etc, removed the oil separator and idle solenoid valve, cleaned and refitted using new jubilee clips (not those stupid original equipment things)
Noticed that hissing noises can still be heard from this area after refitting. Is this normal and how do you check this valve for correct operation? Also noticed if you unplug this valve while engine's running the hissing stops, and the tickover decreases to app 500rpm.

5/Cleaned electrical conections to Lambda, Idle solenoid,air flow meter & TDC sensor.

The result now is that the car runs and idles smootly, but the injector light is on most of the time, however it goes out if you disconnect the lambda sensor.

Could it be that the Lambda's dead? :confused:

...any ideas?


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Hi MArk..

Well, I would suggest you find your nearest friendly dealer or auto sparky with the CORRECT annalyser for Alfa. A small invesment with their time will tell all!! Wortwhile. Worked for me!!

Olvier :rolleyes:

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Bet it comes up with Lambda fault. Other faults can cause the sensor to over compensate and be given as a fualt. I'm still showing lambda after replacing it after a dealer diagnostic :(


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Hi Guys,
Believe it or not the light's not coming on anymore!!, after rejoining the Lambda Sensor wires which were cut by some numpty before he realised the sensor was seized in, when I took the car to the local Catalyst Specialist on Saturday.I waited for an hour before being told; "we won't have time to get the front pipe off to get the old sensor out before 5 o'clock you'll have to come back later" - So they sent me away with the wires to the lambda cut with ECU in safe mode.
To be on the safe side, I've booked the car in at my local Alfa Specialist for a diagnostic and new genuine Lambda sensor.

Mark :)
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