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Hi All
Just got an early birthday present from my daughter, some infinity wax car cleaning stuff, this stuff is superb and really easy to use.
I have used the quick detailer for a while after every wash, spray it on and wipe with a microfibre, instant shine and long lasting, I washed the Brera last weekend and it's still gleaming.
The dark wax can be used in direct sun and again really easy to use and lasts.
I've just received.
Flawless shampoo
not used it yet but plan to before the weekends over.
Incinerate wheel cleaner
my wife's Mito had what I thought was tar on the rear wheels, tried washing it off as normal but it wouldn't shift, gave them a spray with this stuff and it literally dissolved.
Tyre coat
Spray on a sponge, 2-3 squirts does the whole tyre and looks very natural.
As you can see I'm really impressed with this range, give it a try, you maybe get better but for cost, ease of use and finish this really is as better than anything I've ever used.
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