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indicator 'click'

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hi guys ! happy new year to you all

can anyone help with a diagnosis?

the 'click' that goes with using the indicators is now virtually constant and rapid even when not using the indicators, using the indicators solves the problem, but as soon as goes off, the 'click' comes back with a vengeance! gotta be one of the most annoying problems ever! turning the steering wheel sometimes helps.....

do i need to replace the relay?

opinions appreciated in advance

raj :rolleyes:
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Sounds like the relay's gone mental but I dunno if the problem is in the switch, at the steering wheel end, seeing as turning the wheel affects it.

You can try swapping the relay to prove it but I think the problem is on the steering column.

Ralf S.

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Friend of mine had to replace his stalk because of a similiar problem.........they aint cheap!!!

I would try the relay first, certainly if its cheaper :D


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easy one this....
firtly take out the switch then take off the top..but be carefull not to loose the spring and ball...its best if you can hold it altogether by only taking off the top..inside you will see three square copper contacts the gaps in between need to be cleaned out they fill up with grease and copper bits....
if you can wait till t'moro i will do one for you and post piccies.

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Thanks as always comrades!
it's driving me mad!

pictures would be fab, you say take of the 'top' but I don't know what you mean, I'm afraid I'm not a technical person at all, so step-by-step instructions are what I need, don't worry if it's too much hassle though mate, I'll just book it in at my local garage but if you can 'guide me through' that would be fantastic

thanks to you all again

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BTW be carefull not to let all the springs pop out..its best done in a place where you will find thm again if they do pop out.

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Cheers Jimybob,

thanks for your most generous efforts!
I'm gonna have a go over the weekend
....just one that the indicator stalk you have removed after removing the covers from the steering column??

..sorry for being so basic! but I need to know how to get to 'Picture 1'- you'll probably wish you never tried to help!! :rolleyes:


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Hi Jimybob,


managed to sort out the problem with your advice and pictures! I am truly most grateful, you've saved me the hassle and expense of going to my local dealer who would have charged me God knows how much - I owe you a drink if we ever meet!

Just incase of me cocking the whole thing up I enlisted the help of a good friend who's a bit more patient than me - took us less than 30 minutes - he drives an import J-plate Honda Prelude VTEC and is wishing he had access to such a great site for his car!

Raj :D wink :D wink :D wink

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I knew someone here could help!! - cheers Wrinx I'll pass that on.....he congratulated me today on my choice of car, I'll suggest getting one himself when I speak to him, unfortunately for us he's a bit of a gadget man so Japanese cars are for him - his is fully loaded with stuff I can only dream of! actually we've both been drooling over new 350Z - that bronze/copper colour is sexy as hell!


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:D :D :D

All hail Jimybob, helper of the undeserved!
Cheers m8.

My indicator relay started clicking all by its random self last night.
By bruv (Jase77) pointed me in the direction of the forum mumbling
something about 'stalks' and 'big bouncing boobies'.
Have just followed your instructions and lo 'n behold - its sorted!

I've added a few more pics and info here for any others unfortunate
enuff to have this problem (seems to be quite a few).

1st time i've used fotango - handy site.

Cheers, Honkytonk.


1. The fuse/relay tray is under the dash on the right hand side below
the steering wheel. The indicator relay is the light blue one (top
right of this picture). Touch it and you'll feel it clicking.

2. You need to remove the steering column cowling to get at the stalk,
so get under the steering wheel & undo the four cross head screws
holding the lower cowl in place and remove it.

3. Still from underneath, undo the 2 screws holding the upper cowl in
place and slide it towards you and upwards, so its out of the way.

4. Push in the 2 clips, one above and one below the stalk assembly
and yank it oot.

5. Carefully prise the clip outwards and remove the stalk cable loom

6. Heres the removed stalk assembly (take inside hoose - somewhere warm,
comfy and light ;-).

7. Remove the smaller cable connector and the four crosshead screws that
hold the 2 halfs of the stalk assembly together - hold together as you
unscrew and don't lose any bits that might decide to make a desperate
bid for freedom.

8. Heres the dirty contacts. The mixture of grease (to stop the contacts
wearing away) and copper grindings (from the contacts) have made a
nice conductive paste that has lowered the resistance between the
switch contacts leading to the random/intermitant relay clicking.
I measured a resistance of just 300 ohms between 2 of the contacts
on mine.

9. Clean out all of the conductive greasy sh*t, paying particular
attention to the 2 grooves between the contacts, and don't forget the
sweeping contact on the other half of the assembly (i checked the
resistance again after cleaning - all open circuit, as it should be).

10. Now would be a good time to re-finish the worn contacts for smooth
action with some fine grade wet'n dry. When you're finished you
should re-apply a tiny amount of grease (theres plenty on other
workings on the stalk) to keep the contacts healthy in their movement,
just a very small amount - if you apply too much you'll eventually end
up with the same problem again.


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Nice info and pics Mark :)
Maybe one of the Moderators can sort that into a tech article to go along with the rest ???

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Christ Marlon, that was quick - do you ever leave the forums???

<picture - hairy unwashed man bent over keyboard, tapity tap...>

Cheers m8, Jimybob's me hero till the next thing breaks :D

I've got a 'how to' for stripping front and rear door panels and inards
kicking about somewhere with arrowed pics and stuff, from when i had
to replace the drivers central locking mechanism. I'll look it out and bend
it into shape when i get a chance.

Anyways - back to the DIY/decor, flats got to go on sale in 4 weeks :rant:

Seeya, Honkytonk.
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