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Right the car has now been on the drive for 3 months, please see previous threads for histology, wish they still used a set of points with real switches not bunch of semiconductors and sensors.
personally my background is analog electronics design. but have always thought of the car as being the wrong environment
for this stuff.
anyway that's my rant.

help yet again is needed after the swapping my ecu back to the original including the matching body ecu the car is now immobilized and will not start the key has the matching chip fitted and as all I done is swapped the whole lot back to the right ones and instead of ones I got off ebay which worked to the extent of allowing the car to run but with no speedo and abs light on and giving a motor control unit fail which I put down to the ecu not the correct part number. no sure if all this makes sense
but I now would really like to get the car back on the road otherwise I will call it quits and scrap it.
and never touch another alfa!!!
so any ideas 147 16v JTD 2002
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