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How can you have a dishonest opinion:confused:

When you are a politician.
Good point!

I just thought of another example:
"No darling, your bum does not look at all big in that particular item of clothing!"
(IMDO) :lol:

However, on this forum, assuming your partner hasn't posted a poll on his/her appearance, I can't see why anyone should post a dishonest opinion, so IMO will do:thumbs:

I have posted IMNSHO before now, and might try IMAO too:lol:

Don't be humble about your opinions - grow a pair and stand up for what you stand for!:thumbs:

IMHO - the H is humble.

I use it a lot - I am a humble man. I guess it is seen as taking the "p***". Maybe - but always take it in context though - sometimes a humble comment is posted in truth.
I think you should change "humble" for modest, to call yourself humble is to place yourself in a one down position unnecessarily.

All IMMO of course!:)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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