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Seems like I have to drive my Alfa Romeo over winter this year but I want my idle fixed first.. no engine light but if I drive slowly using clutch rev start to jump up and down, even if car go quite "smooth". If I drive away instantly after I start it will it drop all power for a sec then get it back since I automaticly clutch and give little more gas

Driving smooth, maybe make a small cough per 30-45min
Also when I stopp for a light or sign idle jump up and down ~800 to 600 or something. The Variator makes a bit of a noice but its gonna hold untill timing belt change unless.

I dont think a bad variator can cause this type of problem (Dont sound THAT much of a diesel like those examples on youtube does, If its an complete engine failuer do I have warranty on it :3) But may it be the gasdamp/throttlehouse or what to call it? Or leaking coldstart injector or one injector in general..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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