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I have a problem with my ics unit and after a quick google and reading of some previous threads on here. Me and a mate are taking the ics out to change the fuse on the back to see if that fixes it at the weekend.

The issue is that the screen, climate control and trip computer all work perfectly. However it won't pick up any radio stations, won't let you select some of the audio options and rejects my aux cassette adapter when I try and put it in.

It started doing this shortly after I bought the car in 2016 but only when the battery wasn't fully charged (had a battery drain issue thats now sorted) , the rest of the time it worked. Then I shorted the battery like an idiot with it connected to the car and its done it all the time since. The dials stopped working as well but as I shorted it just before I was about to drive it to the garage for something else, that was fixed straight away.

My question is, is changing the fuse likely to fix it and if not, does anyone know of anywhere in leicester or peterborough that fixes the units?
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