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Just to let you know that I still have my Sail Blue Alfa 156 2.4JTD 150, September 2003, and it has 57000 miles only on the clock.

I would not part with it for anything even though it goes through Front Suspension Bushes like there is no tomorrow.

I also had to replace the rear Engine Mount about 2 years ago.

As far as I am concerned it is the best car I have ever had.

My cars to date:

Morris 8 Series E - got it during my 1st year at QUB in Belfast
Ford Popular 1172cc - Side valve
Ford Anglia Super - the 1200 engined one
VW Beetle Nos: 1 - 5 all 1200cc
VW Beetle Nos: 6 - 9 all 1500cc (Got No. 6 and 7 When I going to Zambia in 1970)
VW Beetle Nos: 10 - 12 all 1600cc Super Beetle
Fiat 124 Twin Cam (What a waste of money) - Got it upon return to Irelasnd (Co. Galway))
Fiat 1100 for wife as a run-around
Ford Cortina 2000E - would have been great if it hadn't had a blocked Rocker Oil-Feed line and leaked like a sieve
Fiat 1100 - Rusted away to its heavenly home
Fiat 147 - great small car
VW Passat - 1471cc - my first Diesel - all 47BHP of it!!!!! (Got this during a fuel crisis whilst living in Mullingar)
Audi 100 - 1600cc - Good but engine too small
Ford Cortina 1600 MK VI - didn't like it - kept the Arabs in business
Toyota Carina Diesel - Can't complain except for vague steering
Renault 25 - a boat if there ever was one but quite economical. (Got this upon return to NI)
BMW 3 Series 2L - Waste of money
Nissan Primara Diesel - Worst car ever
Citroen Avantage D for wife - 160,000 miles - cannot complain
Citroen Zantia Td - Drew oil up from sump and you know the rest
Renault Laguna 2.2D - Its handling was so good I was nearly killed in it and am still suffering
Renault Laguna 2.2D - Replacement for above - useless car
Alfa 156 2.4JTD Veloce - Why didn't I get an Alfa in the 1970s instead of waiting until now. By and far the best car I have ever driven over the 1,699,000 miles I have driven to date. Yes I do keep and always have kept records. (Got this at start of my retirement)

My 156 since I got it in September 2003 (20/09/03) it has consumed 5147 litres of diesel which equates to approximately 50mpg. I know that most of my driving is along Motorways or Class A roads but I still drive on and like to hear that Alfa Roar, especially in 3rd when close to walls.

PS. The petrol cars I owned have only given me in the region of 27mpg.

If only I had stayed with Diesel after the VW Passat (MK1) D and got an Alfa sooner.

Sorry for the ramble.
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