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Morning All,

Those of you who have read my previous posts regarding a massive knock from the front suspension, can now call me what you want.

I need to name and shame myself, as earlier, as a desperate last attempt to find the cause of this problem, I removed both of the front drop links and went for a short drive. Yes, the drop links were at fault like some of you suggested.

I didn't disbelieve anyone suggesting this, although they were replaced around 10,000 miles ago and nobody would have believed the massive knocking noise they were making - I thought it was an engine mount(s) or something pretty serious, driveshaft related maybe.

So here is my advice to everyone, if you have a huge knock on the front suspension that you can feel through the floor and up your spine, do not shun the drop links!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really is worth checking them!!!!!!

Thanks for everyone who helped me out !
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