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I have an april 06 159 2.4 lusso which has an AOF0001m cd head unit (without mp3 player), a 10 disc changer and the bose sound upgrade, ive just discovered it also has a bluetooth kit :cool:

I managed to get my mobile paired up to it (my phone is a nokia 5800) however ive run into problems....

1. i set the bluetooth on the phone to connect automatically to the bluetooth kit in the car... however when it does this they do seem to communicate but the screen on the dash shows the phone connected but with no signal and the sound does not work on the car kit during calls...
The only way to get them to work together is to ensure when i start the car that the bluetooth on my phone is switched off and then manually switch it on and request to connect to the car. (which is a bit of a pain considering the number of times a day im in and out of the car)

2. every time i try to copy the phone menu to the car kit they disconnect from each

3. I have no instructions for the bluetooth kit in the car, the sound system manual only mentions telephone provision on page 21 and only informs you how to change the volume and there seems to be nothing in the main owners manual either.

I am assuming that as there is nothing visible and as it all works through the radio and steering wheel controls (and the talking lady!) that its a factory fitted system?

If anyone can help me with it or if anyone has some instructions they could scan and email me i would be very greatful

Incedentally ive had the 159 for nearly 3 months now and i still get a stirring in the loins when i get into it! never got that with the "supposedly reliable" avensis or passat i had before!!


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There's a 'Blue and me' lounge on this site but you should have got a seperate alfa book for it...I'll do you a photocopy if you PM me your address.
Yes, it is factory fitted, have you got a USB port in your glove locker?

There is a Fiat Blue and Me site and forum too, just google it, that is quite useful.

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It's the Bluetooth only kit. Blue but no Me.

Never had a manual but the instructions are the same
as Blue&Me wrt use of the telephone.

There are no updates for the system so sorry, but you'll
just have to find a phone that is more "compatible" than

Try borrowing some other phones to try.

I found SonyEricssons worked the best in the Brera.

ANd as LR159 says, checkout the ICE/B&M lounge.

EDIT: You have actually paired it, right?
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