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I miss my baby

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My 147 is away in the garage having her suspension redone, I really miss her, I've been sat twiddling my thumbs for an age, she's been gone over 2 weeks, just wondering how anyone else feels when they don't have their alfa nearby?

Could also put in a "I'd rather..... than wait this long for my car to return" the more elaborate or insane the better, just want to be distracted for a bit, until she's returned.

"I'd rather watch the Queens speech at Christmas on repeat than wait this long for my car to return"
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It seems not many.. or is it just slow here?

It's always good to get back into a car you've not been in for a while but I mostly (as in not to date) don't actually miss cars when they're gone or even sold.
I'm Alfaless after some 7/8 years with them and the last (which was also the first) a 916 Spider went last year. I don't really miss it, though the noise for a 4-pot was quite delightful.
what sort of garage takes over 2 weeks to sort out your suspension??? :wow:
The nearest I've been to your situation arose long ago when my 156 JTS was off the road having one of its many new head gaskets fitted. The very kind lady colleague, who drove her Golf 5 miles out of her way to give me a lift to work each day, aged significantly. Apparently I would keep saying: "That's an Alfa. There's an Alfa over there. There's another Alfa. Do you like Alfas?"
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