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I have seen the light , fitting my Xenon HIDs

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Not sure if this will help any one but this is how I fitted my new Xenon HID lights , I got these of Ebay , £55, 6000k slim ballasts , with no fancy packaging stating that they are 300% better than halogen blah blah , no nice glossy picture of a Zonda , just well packaged in cardboard boxes

I started on the drivers side first by taking of the cover to get to the headlight bulbs , connected up as per instruction and checked that all is working and your new lights are shining bright .

Now look for somewhere to stash the ballast , I have put mine on the brackety thing that holds the bumper on , (don’t know the technical term for anything , sorry ) .
I attached with some double sided sticky pads and a cable tie , hopefully this will hold and I will check it at the weekend again to make sure every thing is still there .


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I then started on the passenger side I thought this was going to be a bit tight but in fact is no harder than other side , I changed the bulb as per the other side then mounted the ballast on the same bumper bracket on the other side , you just need to cut a little hole out of cover so the wires that come out of the don’t foul it , I put all the cables just behind the light as there no real other space for them .

Then turn on and get nice new super bright white lights , well I was testing them every time I moved a wire when i was fitting them to make sure that they were working still.

I have also changed the side lights to LEDs which was super easy .

Note -10 March 2011

I should of put something about this in my OP , when i conected mine up i had trouble but just thought it was me being inept at electrical stuff , i got my bros multimeter that showed a minus figure on it so conected the plug on the other way and hey prestow , " i have seen the light


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Just swap in with old ones , HB3
I also got some fog light leds from china at the huge cost of £2 but must of blew something as no longer have fog lights, fuses seeem ok and replaced old bulbs so need a proper look before mot at end of November.
Well just had my mot and was A bit worried about the hids but all passed ok they actually asked what temp they were as one of guys there fancied a set for his Fiat coupe
Well it passed the MoT , I Dont seem to dazzle on coming cars , not being flashed by anyone , not been pullled by our boys in blue even though i driven behind a few .

The so call legal cars are far worse , big 4X4s , Range Rovers , X5s etc , talking about blinding and I am sure they have headlamp washers and self levaling thingies .
You too have seen the light my friend, i love the rainbow effect around the edges of the light. Looking forward to them going purple.
Sounds like dodgy eastern european bulbs :lol:, can you show a current picture to show the after a year effect .
TBH I have not heard of this before now so wonder how true it is .
After a bit of research I have found the following about colour change ,

After the first 100 hours of operation, the salts will begin to change their color slightly as they are "broken in". By the time the 500 hour mark is reached, the color will have shifted up by as much as 250k to around 4350k. The coloring will be slightly more blue.

Colorshiting will continue until the capsules no longer function. The shifting is extremely gradual and low. Even after 1500 hours, the color will only have shifter to 4600k, and to 5000k in 2500 hours. (2500 hours is equivalent to roughly 5 years of use)

0 hours = 3200 lumens (100%)

200 hours = 2880 lumens (90%)

1000 hours = 2560 lumens (80%)

1500 hours = 2400 lumens (75%)

2000 hours = 2240 lumens (70%)

So even after 4 or 5 years, a typical HID system will still be putting out double the light of a halogen bulb.

So nothing to worry about when you work out how much you use .
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I Think HIDPuddle lights may be overkill,

Hid lights are a different light technology that uses a gas rather than a filaments it needs a ballast /transformer to change the bulb initially and produces twice as many lumens or it could be more but results in much more light .
Agree led in side lights look much better with hid
The only times I get blinded by xenons seem to be from 4x4s with there super high lights illuminating the inside the of my car .

Well done seeing the light
Ditto and can take 10 seconds or more to get too full brightness
Just use the led for the side lights and Fog lights , steer well clear for main or dipped beam as at the moment they wil bel next to useless , in a few years they should be a lot better , I have some leds for my mtb for night riding and they output 900lumens cost £170 though but see no reason why this type of bulb can not be used in cars .
I should be on commission from these guys, checked mine other day all secure still glad the guide has helped .

Love my 6000k gonna miss them when the days get longer.
I should of put something about this in my OP , when i conected mine up i had trouble but just thought it was me being inept at electrical stuff , i got my bros multimeter that showed a minus figure on it so conected the plug on the other way and hey prestow , " i have seen the light.
Other Ebay HID sellers are availible. I am sure they are pretty much the same at this price , mine are still looking good .
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