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I can fill her up again!

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Finally got around to replacing the fuel filler solenoid this morning, pain in the ar*e to do I have to say!
Thanks to Paul G for supplying the replacement unit :thumbs:

Not sure if I went about it the right way, but I removed the seat belt anchor in the boot for 'slightly' better access
Tip for anyone else trying it, remember to pull the belt out a bit and wedge it/restrain it. That way it won't retract too much for it to be put back later...

..yes I had to remove the rear seat squab to release the other end of the seat belt :lol:

It wasn't difficult, just fiddly as you can't actually see what you're doing, rather I had to 'feel' with the fingers (Unless I'm a complete spanner and there is an easier way to do it)

Mrs. zulu no longer has to 'phone me from the garage when she tries to fill up :)
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