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hub nut

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what size is the nut holding the drive shaft to the hub?
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@CrispDust ^^^ what he said!
Bought the nice big 36mm socket - but would it fit? Bu66er!
Left my whole struts intact. In fact one still had a wheel on it due to seized locking wheel bolt. Both went to nice man who bought some bits off me. He gave me beer as a barter gesture. :cool:
I thought that these things just happenned to me.

When I did the second rear swinging arm on oor wee bravo I saved a day by not stripping down the rear drums to remove the handbrake cable which was completely bonded to the backing plate. The other side just unclipped at the handbrake lever end and left intacto and went back on the same way.easy when you do the same job over and over again.You learn the easy ways.I had a wee panic in mah breastie when charging Laceys battery as when I went to enter the code the screen was blank.I thought that I had blown it by not connecting the cd player connections before the battery.So I switched off and on again and lo and behold enter code appeared...whew.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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