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Had a few rag top sports cars in my life, but never had such stuff as wind deflectors and probably wouldn't have bought one as that kind of takes a bit of the fun away, BUT.....I am considering buying one (at the hugely inflated prices that they are) to help my wife as a passenger, as although she likes the hood down would prefer not to blown about so much.
Do deflectors really keep all the wind off or just a small proportion of it?
I've never been in a car that has one, so cannot work it out?

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I brought mine from an ebay seller that was a total pain in the [email protected]&£.

But it's been money well spent so far.

I no longer see the wife's hair flying about when I look in the rear view mirror and when driving around at this time of year with the roof down whack the heater on and it keeps the interior nice and warm
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