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Whoever designed these beautiful cars, clearly had one thing in mind when they ran the rubber drain pipes from the hood, directly into the sills. I think it's called "built in obsolescence"! Anyway, having spent several thousand pounds recently on completely replacing all the sill members on both sides of the car, my son and I were a bit horrified when we discovered where rain water was ending up (not that we've had much recently).
After a bit of lateral thinking, we came up with a solution that carries the rain water away along the sides of the boot and dumps it out the back of the car, just behind the rear wheel arches. It may not be the prettiest solution, but it seems to work extremely well and I just thought I'd share it with you on this forum.
We used the following materials, readily available from your local Halfords and B&Q.
2 x 16mm radiator hoses (Halfords)
2 x 22mm to 2 by 15mm T-piece adaptor (B&Q)
4 x Jubillee clips (Halfords)
2 x 22mm to 2 by 15mm T-piece adaptor (B&Q)
2 x 12.5mm garden hose pipes (B&Q)
Below are some photos to illustrate how it all comes together.
We enlarged the petrol spillage drain hole to accommodate the garden hose pipe too and drilled a hole in the boot floor on the opposite side of the boot for the hose pipe on that side.


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